I am skilled in a range of different interpreting environments:

  • Simultaneous (booth)
  • Consecutive
  • Chuchotage
  • Press conferences
  • Practical workshops.


  • Conference: Space - An Asset of Mankind (booth interpretation)
  • Conference: Global Meeting of Airbus Military A400M Suppliers (booth interpretation)
  • Booth interpretation for a market study of a leading brand of alcoholic drinks 
  • Press conference with representatives of the United Arab Emirates; reception in Seville Town Hall and meeting with the heads of municipal utility companies
  • 10th anniversary of City Sightseeing: inauguration of the conference with the presence of the Mayor of Seville
  • International Wildfire Conference: support for the Press Bureau
  • International Congress of the International Institute of Bioenergetic Analysis: booth interpretation during the conference and consecutive interpreting during the workshops
  • Meeting of World Religious Leaders: press conference, reception in Seville Town Hall and booth interpretation during the conference
  • Jazz Workshops, Teatro Central, Seville.



    Colin Howe

    Tel: +34 644112522